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Hot off the press! New collaboration & partnerships

We at My Food Trust, just love when a bunch of people come together, and build stuff that are making the world a more transparent place to live in. And of these groups is CPH Foodtech Community and Growstack. My Food Trust was at an event this week, where foodtech was on the agenda, and do’ers got together to build. We are proud to collaborate with CPH Foodtech Community and Growstack. Read more below ?

CPH Foodtech Community is for do’ers of all kinds who wants to get involved hands-on with food technology and are willing to share knowledge. They are everything from engineers, designers, gartners and entrepreneurs to food professionals, scientists and farmers. CPH Foodtech Community does a lot of events and to expand the awareness of foodtech, by getting experts to explain the newest knowledge on what is what in e.g. vertical farming, hydroponics, fertilisation in plants etc.

So what is Growstack? Growstack is an open-source non-profit community project addressing the issues within our food system via vertical farming. One of humanity’s biggest challenges is to produce enough quality food for a rapidly growing population in a sustainable way. And scaling up conventional farming is simply not a viable option. So there is a dire need for alternatives.

Vertical farming is a promising alternative. That’s because it is extremely resource-efficient with full control of an automated plant production. It enables local production of high-quality food with no pesticides.

But so far, high complexity and lack of transparency inhibit a lot of motivated people from getting involved. This is a major problem. Growstack paves the way for new solutions by making vertical farming technology accessible and removing the barriers to get started with new ways of producing food.

So we at My Food Trust is collaborating with CPH Foodtech Community and Growstack, being the primary news outlet for all the great projects going on, making foodtech more transparent and democratising the outcomes.

So stayed tuned for news about Growstack.Maker, about DYI projects of e.g. home growing of microgreens, Growstack.Fertiliser, making more sustainable (green) fertilisers and CPH Foodtech Community do’ers projects and startups, that are paving the way for greater transparency and traceability of our food.

PS: Read more about Vertical Farming and the impact of it here!

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