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The food system is rotten. A documentary reveals it all (?)

Many us go about our daily lives, not knowing how our food is produced.

Netflix has produced a six episode series called Rotten, showing what is going on behind the scenes. It ain´t pretty. So, during your summer vacation, where we all some extra time to spend, the I suggest that you start watching one of the episodes. All episodes have a specific theme, from honey, peanuts, garlic, chickens, milk to cod. If you have a special interest in one of the themes, start with that episode. I started with the honey episode, and felt that I needed to watch them all, as they portray a broken food system. Where stealing, hiding food ingredients and slave workers is a part of how the system works.

But as with any documentary, stay skeptical. Yes, the dramatic and emotional effect of the stories does have an impact and a purpose. Of course. But take it all in with as open of a mind as you can, and don’t allow your emotions to cloud your logical judgment. Try to see it from both sides.

Below is a short introduction of each episode and a trailer:

Honey: With demand for honey soaring just as bees are dying off in record numbers, hidden additives, hive thefts and other shady tactics are on the rise.

Peanuts: As food allergies skyrocket, scientists race to understand what’s changed in our bodies, while farmers and chefs contend with new challenges.

Garlic: Cooking shows turned the humble garlic bulb into a multibillion-dollar crop. But a lawsuit raises troubling questions about top suppliers.

Chickens: The ruthlessly efficient world of chicken production pits vulnerable growers against each other and leaves them open to vicious acts of sabotage.

Milk: Changing diets and dramatic price swings have put dairy farmers on the ropes and fueled a surge in lucrative but controversial raw milk sales.

Cod: As the global fish supply dwindles, the industry faces crises on all sides — including crooked moguls, dubious imports and divisive regulations.



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