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Interview – Founder of GUTXY, Sofia Popov

Vacation time is over here at My Food Trust, and we start this autumn season with an food for thought interview. I have interviewed Sofia Popov from the startup GUTXY, about their products for gut testing! We all need that motor to run smoothly, so learn why that is important for you, and in the light of overall transparency. But lets hear from the Sofia herself.

Sofia Popov, Founder of Gutxy

Can you start with telling us a little about yourself and GUTXY?

I am the Founder of GUTXY, a company that helps people improve their overall wellbeing and gut health by focusing on what matters most: their microbiome (composition of bacteria.)

Certain gut bugs are linked to either good health, or the presence of adverse conditions – everything from diabetes to depression! 

I personally had a negative experience with antibiotics during my teens. Thus, when I learnt about the gut microbiome and how important it was, I really want to test my own. I didn’t find any local services, or ones that focused on lifestyle and habit changes, so I created GUTXY. 

This is super interesting, but can you elaborate on how your microbiome test works?

Yes, essentially we have two tests right now: our Snapshots and RESETSnapshot is our one-time test, where you can get an overview of your microbiome at a given point in time. RESET is our 4 week dietary intervention program, with sample collection at the start and end. The final results are a gut wellness report, which would show how the microbes in the gut have changed during the intervention. 

Both offers result in a final gut wellness report, which are specially tailored for those looking for optimal digestive health, such that we focus on the key microbes that are linked with:

  • Bloating
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Flatulence
  • IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

Our wellness reports also all include specific dietary recommendations, of foods to focus on and avoid, as well as supplements to add, including specific strains of probiotics. 

And in relation to that, why is it important to know what your gut needs, and don´t need?

The composition of our gut bacteria has been linked with a whole host of diseases and poor health outcomes, such as obesity, diabetes, anxiety, depression and IBS – to name a few! It’s been shown that the composition in healthy people differs compared to those with an adverse condition. Thus, knowing what your composition looks like can be an invaluable tool for seeing where you stand, tracking your wellness and figuring out what lifestyle changes could be specifically useful for you. For instance, we’ve had clients drinking a lot of dairy milks and taking probiotics, but their levels of the beneficial bacteria were non-existent. We then help them find ways to cultivate them. 

In your opinion, how can knowledge of how your gut works, and what it needs, create enhanced transparency of the food supply chain?

Consumer awareness of their digestion and gut health may lead to greater demand for products that can support their gut health – something we, for instance, can see with the various probiotic yoghurts and drinks available on the market. It’s likely that more and more similar products will hit supermarket shelves over the next few years and, in turn, influence food production.

If someone was interested in learning more about the work you do, and microbiomes, where can they find more?

They can check out our website, – particularly our blog for all the latest science research. We are also on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. I’d also highly recommend joining our Facebook group, Microbiome Friendly Foods, which is wonderful for more in-depth discussions, and detailed nutritional insights.

I hope this has inspired to (maybe) test your own gut, to see if the motor is running smoothly, or if you could tweak it, so you eat the food that is best for your gut.



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