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My Food Trust at Techfestival

I attended (yet again) Techfestival during September, in the heart of Copenhagen. This festival is jammed packed with great, and sometimes provoking, insights. Last year, there wasn’t a lot on the topic of Food, but the list below shows, that this changed this year.

  • The Future of Food: Two Ways
  • Food Education: Two Ways
  • CRISPR Babies & GMO Food: Challenges of Gene Editing
  • Future Technologies for the Growing Food Demand
  • Food Chains Summit
  • Global Tech for Local Food
  • Foodtech Summit

Emerging food technologies hold immense potential. They have a significant impact on socioeconomic, healthcare, gastronomy and the climate. However, they also have a tendency to be available and restricted to only a few. So the general approach, was to enable participants to take part in the food tech revolution, to ensure both a sustainable and transparent food system of the future. Read reflections from participants after the pictures, but first a bit about Techfestival (in case you don´t what’s it is).

But what is Techfestival?

Techfestival is a three-day festival unfolding in the centre of Copenhagen. Via exciting talks, deep-dive workshops, several co-creative events, as well as dinners and meetups, Techfestival is making the conversation on tech progress participatory, open and engaging. It is open to people of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities. It is a festival aimed at all those who want to explore, debate and celebrate a human-centric approach to technology with wide-open eyes, fierce curiosity and joyful enthusiasm.

Reflections from Alexa and Stephen

Alexa Zerkow participated in the Food Chains Summit, and had this to say: “To conclude, we engaged in a really enjoyable workshop creating a headline for the future about food in 2050 and then had to work backwards to imagine the steps needed to be taken to realize the headline chosen which would somehow have encapsulated the world we would imagine for 2050.”. This is a great way to grasp a “problem”, to work backwards from the ideal solution.

Stephen Nock reflects on the approach at Techfestival: “This wasn’t a take-your-seat-and-listen event. With hundreds of topics to explore hands-on, Techfestival is much more an interactive festival than a conference. In every session, the agenda encouraged me to meet multiple other participants, layering the agenda with time to share answers to: “what do you think will be the challenges and opportunities of participating today?,” “why did you attend this session?,” “what are you taking home from this session?,” and “ask why twenty times”.” And this is what makes Techfestival so fantastic, it is a “Do’er” event! So you make actual progress.

Which Stephen elaborates on, with his experience with the Foodtech Summit: “To conceptualize a shared understanding of food systems, each team member placed diverse board-game-like pieces, one at a time in a round-robin format, to create a visual and tactile representation of how we see food systems. Once we constructed the present version, the team adjusted the pieces to represent the possible-future state – this time in silence!”. If you want to read more from Stephen, then click this link.

My concluding reflections: If you can be in Copenhagen around September next year, I highly recommend you to join. I found new insights, learned new methods to grasp issues, expanded my network, as this marked on many calendars. Next year, I’m looking forward to even more food related talks and more focus on transparency, so we get more knowledge and understanding of how the current system works, and why that needs to change. It is a broken system!

Thanks for reading! Have a great day,


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