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Looking back at 2019 – and forward

It is that time of the year. Looking back, and forward.

Hope that you had a great 2019. If not, then I wish you a great 2020. I had a 2019 with emotional ups’ and down’s. When writing about transparency and traceability of food, there is plenty of stories, almost everyday, of an incident from mislabeling, fraud, adulteration, substitution, theft, false marketing, illness from food and the list goes on. This is depressing news to portray. But, I know it is as important to tell these, as the great stories of companies and organisations trying enforce more transparency by implementing more foodtech solutions.

I see My Food Trust as the missing piece in a vast and complex puzzle. Highlighting and making people aware of why we always need to be critical about the food we buy. We need to have a critical perception of what we see on the shelf’s. So My Food Trust assists in keeping you reminded on the food fraud that is happening around the world, so you don´t just buy your food from looking at a pretty label. You might ask your local supermarket or store, how their products come to their shelf’s(?).

I feel that people care about their food. If buy organic, then it shall be organic! Therefore, we should as informed as possible, and that’s why I stick with the mantra for My Food Trust – to create greater food transparency, by telling the stories of fraud and those advocating for more transparency.

In 2020 I will keep posting about food fraud and do interviews with those fighting it. I will try to post more and relevant content, and maybe even video content. Or maybe a podcast, seems everyone is doing that these days! One thing I know I will do more of, is going to more conferences and events. This is a great opportunity to talk to farmers, experts and you, about food transparency. Maybe we see each other at Food Integrity?

I’d like to thank all the readers and followers for being a part of this small community. I am extremely grateful, and honored, that you spend your precious time on reading and commenting on the stuff I post. Thank You!

Happy New Year, hope that the new decade will be a great one!


Kristoffer from My Food Trust

The stats

For all of you interested in data and numbers (incl myself), lets have a look at the stats.

  • There is about 10 users everyday on My Food Trust
  • There where +3.000 unique users for all of 2019
  • Among all the posts, the average read time was 1 minute. So you are reading what we are posting, thank you!
  • Top tweet was was a quote from Kimbal Musk, see it here!
  • Top LinkedIn post was an interview, see which one here!

Top 5 viewed posts

Top 5 most read posts of 2019. In case you missed one that everyone else have read, here is your chance to catch up with the rest:

  1. Blockchain, Provenance, Traceability and Chain of custody
  2. Food transparency by tech
  3. Bananas from Ecuador – Village and bananas showered in pesticides
  4. We asked the experts: Why blockchain for food transparency and traceability?
  5. Interview with Tom Mueller – Author of Extra Virginity: The Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil

Top 5 countries

You come from all across the globe.
But most of you come from (according to Google Analytics):

  1. United States – 21 %
  2. Denmark – 8 %
  3. United Kingdom 7 %
  4. Canada – 5 %
  5. India – 4 %
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