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Food transparency by tech – Vol. 2

It’s the first January of this decade. This probably means that you are starting to eat more healthy? If that’s the case, I give you some inspiration on how to know more about your food, you eat. But first, read vol 1 of Food Transparency by Tech. (I wrote about DNA tracing, product sustainability and near-infrared spectroscopy.)

To make more healthy choices, you need to know what’s in your meals. I take a closer look on three apps, that might give you more transparency of the food you eat. By taking pictures of it. Which you already do for Insta, right? So lets dive into it, first up is Ava.


AVA calls itself an intelligent coaching platform that helps you achieve your nutritional goals. AVA wants to understand your unique habits, to be able to provide daily nutrition recommendations based on what you like to eat, what you’ve eaten in the past, your location and access to food.

They also have a huge focus on you guys that battles with diabetes and celiac disease.

So if you want a digital coach, check them out.


Eat smart. Live better. This is their mantra. Their app uses deep learning to enable image recognition to detect what you’re about to eat. And, in addition to identifying the type of food, the app tries to estimate the weight of each item. It looks at many more parameters, to provide a detailed nutrition report in just seconds.

Foodvisor’s technology is all about making the data entry process as seamless as possible. Because, we all know that, if it´s to difficult or time consuming to input your data, then we simply dont´t keep doing it.

And with around +1.8 million app downloads, available in French, English, German and Spanish, it might prove suitable for you. Have a look.


Last but not least, we have Bitesnap! This is similar to the other two, with a focus on you who are trying to lose weight, eat more healthily, or just want more insight into your diet.

One user reviews the app: ” This is an amazing app; simple, Intuitive, and most importantly, absolutely PERFECT. I suffer from an illness where I can’t have sugar, dairy, grains, and processed foods. “.

You log your meals with their image recognition, so you can track calories, macros and micronutrients, scan barcodes for packaged products and much more. Take it for a spin.

Header photo by Spencer Davis on Unsplash

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