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There is a need…

For transparency. Food transparency. Almost everyday there is a incident with mislabeling, fraud, false marketing with the food we eat. This needs to change! So this site will bring stories about food fraud, new developments in tech and testing, and interviews with experts, advocates, the shakers and movers on creating better transparency.

I find it horrifying that we know so little about the food we eat. We are disconnected from the food we eat, by complex supply chains where transparency and traceability is non-existent! This needs to change. Right?

As modern consumers’, we focus on health, organic, wellness, personal nutrition, etc. Hopefully, and very soon, adopting food transparency strategies will no longer be optional. Retailers who can use in-depth data, the latest consumer trends and new insights to foster more innovation in this area will be able to better leverage this emerging opportunity and evolve their business around transparency.

Hopefully, My Food Trust can help consumers make more conscious decisions about the food we consume everyday, by informing and shed light on something that we have minimal knowledge about.

Where do our food come from?

Lets find out, and you can here, at

If you have any suggestions, advice, articles you want to share, whatever it might be, please do reach out at

Collaborations and Partnerships

We collaborate with front-runner and “doer” mentality organisations, to give you the latest news from those pushing the agenda for greater transparency. Here is the list so far:

CPH Foodtech Community is for do’ers of all kinds who wants to get involved hands-on with food technology and are willing to share knowledge. They are everything from engineers, designers, gartners and entrepreneurs to food professionals, scientists and farmers

So what is Growstack? Growstack is an open-source non-profit community project addressing the issues within our food system via vertical farming. One of humanity’s biggest challenges is to produce enough quality food for a rapidly growing population in a sustainable way. And scaling up conventional farming is simply not a viable option. So there is a dire need for alternatives.

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